Mt. Stormy

Flat topped Mt. Stormy looms 1084m above Karamea, guarding the entrance to the Karamea Gorge. A steep track through native rainforest, accross a spectacular knife-edge land bridge and onto the tops allows one of the few opportunities on the West Coast to ascend above the bushline on a marked trail. Spectacular views over Karamea await on one side and forested mountain wilderness as far as the eye can see on the other.

Walking time is listed as 6-8 hours return

Track Conditions and Transport

The track climbs up very directly, but because of this is very steep with a lot of altitude gain and can be quite rough at times. The trail is also frequently poorly defined and care should be taken to keep orange markers in sight.

About half way up there is a short (30m) exposed ridge that must be crossed (this can be done on foot, just don’t look down!). Apart from this the trail up is well sheltered under cover of thick bush.

There are a couple of unbridged stream crossings which make the track unsuitable for wet weather. Expect to get your feet wet anyway except after a long dry spell.

Transport can be arranged from Rongo with Karamea Connections.